About Rachel Gilroy - Land Designer

The complexity of the work environments that I have chosen throughout my career are aligned with my core leadership values found in working within a team as well as being in cross-team collaboration. This practice has enabled me to grow my approach to the design process and construction management to include cultivating an ever-growing comprehensive point of view. 


This rich appreciation for the comprehensive point of view continually develops through my experiences as an artist with an open mind towards involving myself in a range of landscape architect experiences. This includes the bridging of planning-level landscape sustainability with the concerns of site-scale design through the construction process to completion.

In addition, I value supporting my clients in their own learning and skill development in sustainable practices. Just as I value bio-diversity, I recognize and respect the diverse backgrounds, interests, aesthetic tastes, and situations that my clients represent and will work diligently to shape services to clients’ needs, rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach.