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About Rachel Gilroy

I am a fine art photographer / collagist with a background in Landscape Architecture. I go out with my camera to the everyday paths I travel and visually explore the paths by looking to apprehend its visual structure and take it back with me, so I can de-construct its properties into smaller comprehensible pieces.

Then I re-construct them using the elements of collage to visually communicate my discourse within the space to myself and others.

Formally, I use tones, light and shadow, time and motion, shapes and form to create tighter plastic relationships that support my narrative of space.

Narratively, I am working with the subtleties and nuances that are expressed universally by all people through motion and gesture. I believe people experience public spaces through perspectives, multiple-perspectives and motion as a part of their realities. This is where I seek to capture the humanistic experience.

Emotionally, I latched on to my passion for meaningful experiences, which coincided with this ever-growing force to understand my place in the world. They coexisted in my mind and I wanted to feel grounded in the moments of my everyday life.

The end result being collages that express to myself and others the visual and humanistic spatial- relationships that I encounter in my everyday journeys.

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